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Its finally here, the list you’ve all been waiting for …

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We have ranked the top ten excel features based on their popularity, ease of use and time savings provided. Since our top focus at Excel Shortcut is to transform our readers into excel jedi masters, we have provided the shortcut or least amount of possible keystrokes to summon each feature.

The shortcuts provided are of course, the shortest way to use these features without applying custom shortcuts or using a third party application. Enjoy the list and let me know if I missed anything.

Let me add a quick tip on the shortcuts in the table below.

A plus sign + means do the operations at the same time and a comma means this is the next command in sequence.

RankingFunction NameIncludesDescriptionExcel Shortcut or Quickest keystrokes
1Basic Lookup FunctionsVLOOKUP, HLOOKUPMatch a value bewteen two tables and return a corresponding value from the second tableEqual sign, type vl, tab
2Pivot tablesPivot Table, Pivot Table ClassicFlexible tool for quickly Organizing a data set into meaningful information groupingsAlt + N, V
3Logic FunctionsAND, OR, XOR, NOTUse these functions to evaluate multiple conditions or compare more than one cellEqual sign, type an, tab (for AND)
4FilterSort, FilterQuickly Organize data and filter out values outside of a specified rangeCtrl + Shift + L
5If StatementsIF, COUNTIF, SUMIFLimit data in view or calculations based on if specified criteria is metEqual sign, type I, tab (for IF)
6Index MatchINDEX(MATCHIndex returns value at specified position, while match provides confirmation of matching value. Used together this is an advanced lookup function.Equal sign, type in, tab (for INDEX)
7Conditional FormattingHighlight Cells, Format by TrendVisualize Values in cells based on specified or common criteriaAlt + O, D
8Find and ReplaceFIND, FIND ALL, REPLACE, REPLACE ALLLocate values on a page and/or replace them with another specified valueCTRL + F (Find) ; CTRL + H (Replace)
9ChartsColumn Charts, Pie Charts
Scatter Charts
Provide a visual respresentation of data organized clearly for spreadsheet userF11
10Array FormulasMatrix FormulaConduct multiple calculations on a range of cells or test multiple conditions against a range of cells. Ctrl + Shift + Enter is used instead of EnterF2, Enter Formula, CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER
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